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    World of Speakers E.67: Preparation, practice, prayer, presence

    Ryan Foland speaks with Tara Jaye Frank, leadership development expert, speaker, and writer of Say Yes: A Woman's Guide to Advancing her Professional Purpose. Tara Jaye speaks internationally on topics such as leading with purpose, inclusion as a business driver, emotional intelligence, and

    World of Speakers E.66: The neuroscience of audience engagement

    Ryan Foland speaks with, David Meerman Scott, a professional speaker and marketing strategist. He has authored several books on marketing, including The New Rules of Marketing and PR and is one of the forefront thoughts-leaders on using content marketing to connect with audiences.

    World of speakers podcasts


    Ryan Foland speaks with Manoj Vasudevan, the 2017 Toastmasters World Champion of Public Speaking. Manoj is an introvert who has used his engineering background to analyze top speakers, ultimately leading him to be one of the worlds best speakers.

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